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Christian and Women's fiction, with a little mystery thrown in for good measure

Writer’s Resources

This page is for you, writers. We have to do many of the tasks that it takes to organize, conduct business, and market ourselves as authors. That only covers some of the hats we wear. Over the past several years of my career I’ve collected and continue to collect resources and tools that help me do it faster and more efficiently so I can do what I really want to – write.

Please check these links and resources out on your own. I am not endorsing them. You need to maintain your own “due diligence” when using or purchasing any services or products. Some of the links are for free tools or services, some are reasonably priced. It is up to you whether you decide they are within your budgetary constraints. DO NOT spend money that you need to pay bills and everyday expenses for living and taking care of your needs and your family’s needs. A word to the wise.

Use the tools and tips that work for you. Each one of us is an individual. I have either used or know someone who has used many of these resources. I am a researcher and read about or come across new resources all the time through my connections with other authors, as well as those active in the publishing field. I hope you’ll find some sources that will help you in your career in these resources.


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