Dianne G. Sagan – Best Selling Author

Christian and Women's fiction, with a little mystery thrown in for good measure

About Me


Dianne G. Sagan, author of 21 books and counting , has been writing professionally for fourteen years and facilitating groups for 25 years. She’s authored ten nonfiction books as a ghostwriter, six of which are bestsellers. Her clientele includes writers from the United States, Canada, the UK, Austria, Oman, and Australia.


Ms. Sagan has traditionally published Christian fiction and women’s fiction. Her popular Women of the Bible series (published by Buoy Up Press, Denton, TX) includes Bestsellers, Rebekah Redeemed and The Fisherman’s Wife, as well as Miriam’s Room and Mary’s Exile. She self-publishes nonfiction books on writing, including Tools and Tips, The Hybrid Author, and The Hybrid Author Companion Journal.

Sagan’s works in progress include more Christian fiction with her traditional publisher; she’s working on a new mystery series which she plans on publishing under D.G. Sagan to distinguish from her other work; she’s writing a Christmas series, the first of which will come out for Christmas 2014. Dianne loves the hybrid author’s path and enjoys all its options. She lives in Texas with her editor husband, Greg.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Dianne,

    I’ll keep this short. I have a fantastic, exiting, very Godly, according the Holy Word, God-with-us autobiography. I’ve been told it’s wonderful. It’s called A View from the Mercy Seat and so the theme then is God’s mercy in light of man’s failure. As well I’m in the process of writing a sequil, but in fiction form; as the content digs into spiritual matters that warrent a cover, athough strictly adhering to the Word. Okay. Bottom line, my propostal is posted on ChristianManuscriptSubmission.com but I’m sensing that I need an agent. Where do go? Should I pull them off the itnernet: been there, done that. Oh, one more thing; I live in Canada.

    Robb Richards

    • Robb,

      I’m not sure how it works in Canada, but in the US we have an organization called the AAR (Association of Authors Representatives). I imagine there is an organization similar to that in Canada. Check with any writer’s organizations in your area. Their member would be helpful. We also have a site called Editors & Preditors that you can look on to see if there are any complaints or problems. One piece of information I can tell you is never get involved with an agent who wants you to pay anything up front. Legitimate agents get paid when they place your book and get about 15% of your advance and royalties. Each year a publication is put out as a market guide to publishers that has a section about agents. I’d look at that. I hope this helps.

      Best of luck,

  2. Hi Sister Dianne,

    Please see: http://twitter.com/Amenamen

    Help Us spread His Living Word…

    And Thanks SO Much… <

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